In the window: Submit to Love

In the window: Submit to Love

Chippy Aiton [the Queen], Stephen Staunton [Pattern] & Matt Chappel [Leopard Print]
Quotes from Billy Mann - Submit to Love Studios Artist

The Patterned Queen is a collaboration between three artists working in Submit to Love
Studios in Haggerston. The studio is part of Headway East London, a local charity
supporting survivors of brain injury.

In the window: Video Noise Trolley by Tomas Jefanovas

In the window: Video Noise Trolley by Tomas Jefanovas

Video Noise Trolley is a new window installation by Tomas Jefanovas. Tomas’s recent work explores and plays with intensity and noise to a level of it becoming the opposite - a calm and hypnotic void.

In the window: Femmetopia!

In the window: Femmetopia!

To celebrate our femme relaunch and the launch of our new regular Saturday club-night Femmetopia, Kat Hudson painted us some femme icons for our January window.


In the window: vFd advent

In the window: vFd advent

For our December window we celebrated our vFd family in the run up to our femme relaunch in January; releasing a new clip each day of advent.

In the window: Behind The Image

In the window: Behind The Image


Starting to define the real purpose and meaning for 'desire', the exhibition is about our artist's interpretations of the human impulse and will reflect the social and psychological importance of desire through their chosen practice. 

In the window: Holly Revell

In the window: Holly Revell

Holly Revel's gorgeous portraits of Divine David Hoyle graced our window in October to promote their book PARALLEL UNIVERSE.

In the window: Stephen Doherty

In the window: Stephen Doherty

This month our window is beautifully filled by the artist Stephen Doherty.

Doherty's practice embraces multiple art and fashion disciplines including drawing, painting and print design. His work is noted for its distinct textures and lines which lend to a dynamic and identifiable figurative style.

Stephen is a visiting lecturer at Central Saint Martins and a regular contributor to SHOWstudio and 10Magazine.

His clients include: Gucci, Liberty London,  OAMC, Instagram, 10Magazine, Maison Martin Margiela, Ports 1961, Veuve Clicquot, MAC Cosmetics, Paul Smith, Craig Lawrence, Anna Trevelyan.

Blag - Personality Crisis

Back-slang and rhyming slang was omni-present for me growing up in the 70’s / 80’s. TV programmes like The Sweeney, Only Fools... Filthy, Rich & Catflap, you’d often hear of a ‘blag’ or that something was ‘bona’. I also worked on a market in Islington, where many of these words were used... and I found them hilarious. Like most slang though, they were formed as a ‘code’ or ‘smoke screen’ to use between those in the know, and as is often the case, will over time, work their way into common parlance.

I always liked Morrissey’s album ‘Bona Drag’ - not knowing that it was littered with Polari - I had no idea what the track ‘Picadilly Polare’ was about or even that many of these words I’d heard as a kid belonged to some kind of ‘language’. It was years later I found out where they came from after hearing a language documentary.

A window to celebrate the cant slang ‘Polari’ and the vocabulary’s assimilation into mainstream language. 

My work often has hidden meanings and code. Feels like a bona fit. | instagram: @personality___crisis

Sun 25 Jul: The Nipple Club

Sun 25 Jul: The Nipple Club


VFD presentTHE NIPPLE CLUB - OPENING NIGHT!!! (*new monthly residency, last Sunday of the month at VFD)

Hosted by he of the luscious Big Nipples: ROY INC

This Sunday soiree will be a celebration of the nipple in all its glory - all kinds, sexes, colours, and shapes.

Tops On or Off... Nipples Pierced or Not... Fans of the Nipple, All Welcome

Wet Nipple Thumping Music All Night Long From Resident DJ Mitch

Best drink prices this side of Dalston!

Doors: 7pm free <9pm>£5 guestlist £3

Wed 14 Jun: Basement Comedy

Wed 14 Jun: Basement Comedy


Stand up, sketch, character, OTHER. Packed into the basement of VFD arts and performance space, you'll be treated to some of the most original, most inventive, most bloody HILARIOUS new talent in comedy.

It's going to be weird. It's going to be cosy. It's going to be great.

Oh, and you can pay what you LIKE.


ANDY FIELD - Chortle Student Competition Winner 2015 CAM SPENCE

ROBBIE ORMROD - "Audience favourite, stole the show" - The Stand Comedy Club

LOOSE BRIE - Malcolm Hardee First Minute Award Nominees 2016

SAM LAKE - South Coast Comedian of the Year

SARA BARRON - host of The Moth storytelling night


Sun 11 Jun: TBT2005 - Unofficial Evanescence Pre-Party

Sun 11 Jun: TBT2005 - Unofficial Evanescence Pre-Party


TBT 2005 - UNOFFICIAL EVANESCENCE PRE PARTY AT VFD An evening of drag, performance and teenage drama

So you know Evanescence are playing in London this June right?? Its true. And its sold out! We're throwing a special Evanescence pre-party at VFD to gather together London's former emo kids to celebrate our early naughties obsessions.

Live cabaret from some of East London's finest lovable freaks, performing to the sounds of Fall Out Boy, Green Day, Panic! at the Disco, Avril Lavigne, MCR and of course, Ms Amy Lee.

Come dressed in your finest emo lewks, or launch headfirst into our GOTH DRAG BOOTH, where our carefully curated selection of mesh tutus, black and red wristbands, eyeliners and crippling insecurity can help you create that perfect 'nobody gets me' vibe. Will you be crowned 'Miss Understood 2005'?

Doors - 7pm Cabaret Show - 8.30pm Tickets - £3 Advance | £5 Door Hosted by Mark T Cox


Wed 7 Jun: Spoken Word London

Wed 7 Jun: Spoken Word London


Spoken Word London is an open-mic poetry and performance night for anyone to come and join in, whether to speak or listen. Everyone who wants to speak gets five minutes, but no one gets more than five minutes. Speak in whichever format you want, sharing your own or others' work. Doors open 7.30pm, sign up for a slot 7.30-8pm, readings begin at 8pm.

Sun 4 Jun: Rhyannon Styles launches 'The New Girl'

Sun 4 Jun: Rhyannon Styles launches 'The New Girl'


'The New Girl' is the new memoir by trans woman Rhyannon Styles (columnist at ELLE magazine, author & performance artist) Styles is launching 'The New Girl' with special guests Kuchenga Kuchenga, Josephine Jones and Charlie Craggs who will be dissecting, interpreting and redefining the topic of gender, live!

Music will be provided by trans-drogynous icon La JohnJoseph

The event is sponsored by ABSOLUT - FREE SHOTS!

SPECIAL OFFER - copies of 'The New Girl' will be discounted from £15.99 to £8.99 - get your signed copy and shout up if you want a copy reserved.

Sunday 04th June 2017 7.00pm - Invite Only 

9pm - midnight: after party - ALL WELCOME! 

All donations on the door will go to Mermaids Charity!

'Inspiring and heart-wrenching' Paloma Faith      'Love Rhyannon. Love this book' Grace Dent

The New Girl is the transgender memoir you won't stop hearing about. Rhyannon Styles will do for transgender issues what Matt Haig did for mental health. Rhyannon tells her unforgettable life story in THE NEW GIRL, charting her incredible journey from male to female. A powerful book about being true to ourselves, for anyone who's ever felt a little lost.

'A story that will make you smile and sob in equal measure, and challenge everything you thought you knew about gender, sex, and fashion. Once read, never forgotten' Rebecca Root

'Rhyannon Styles journey of transition is fraught with the unique issues of her generation. Honest and unflinching, she walks the tightrope of uncertainty with confidence in the unknowing. A modern Artemis in the queer wilderness, midwifing her own becoming' Penny Arcade 

Q&A: Damsel Zine 1.0 launch

Q&A: Damsel Zine 1.0 launch

This Thursday 11 May, we have the Damsel Zine collective taking over the basement with the launch party of their first ZINE! Exuding high-energy, gal-first vibes aplenty, we caught up with them to find out a bit more about their crew and the new zine in town...
Q: This is your first edition of Damsel, what inspired you to make your own zine?
A: We are very inspired by kids magazines such as Girl Talk and Shout, they are full of exciting and fun pages and I guess I just wanted to create a zine that celebrates fabulous things!

Q: There’s a great, extensive DIY scene in London, can you recommend any other creators / collectives whose work you’d recommend?
A: I am a really big fan of Sister magazine and also Polyester zine, both of these publications are ran by fabulous ladies in London. I am also a big fan of WAH nails, all the WAH girls are very talented nail artists and I'm so happy to have Kayleigh Jean from WAH featured in the first issue.
Q: What can people expect from launch party?
A: The sparkliest, sassiest, most fabulous night. Karaoke followed by a few of London's up and coming DJs. We also have 50 goodie bags for our first lot of guests, full of lots of Damsel surprises!

Q: What’s your music policy - we’ve stumbled across a #160 mix on soundcloud…
A: Anything goes! Whatever makes you feel fabulous when you're dancing. The music at the launch will consist of a mix of girly classics, speedy cheese and hyperactive dance music, like you can hear in the Soundcloud mix!

Q: 3 reasons why we should buy Damsel Zine:
1. There are 18 fabulous artists featured
2. To be a part of our first ever issue
3. So we can start cracking on with issue 2!!!

Fri 2 Jun: afterTouch

Fri 2 Jun: afterTouch


AfterTouch @ VFD round 3 of our nonsensical AfterTouch situations

and FYI this time we're packed with sweat, molten lava, tears + other bodily fluids

more visceral club music and experimental east-london drag than you can shake a fiery hot poker at

DJs: B.YHZZ (Warsaw)

KRY (Warsaw)

Ni-Ku (LDN)


Shay Shay

Lewis G Burton

Edythe Woolley

Dan McBride



Fung and Aurora (Chronic Illness)

Queens of The Underworld